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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Atlanta

Unlike other methodologies, LSS can be learned from a very young age as it isn’t only about learning how the methodology works but also ensuring practitioners have all the skills necessary to work with it, which includes helping them develop it during training. However, many would argue against it as LSS was just introduced as an option for students very recently, and not many see the chances for its use. Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Atlanta High School Students of Georgia knows best as we have been working with the methodology for over a decade to ensure Lean Six Sigma is introduced in high schools as a way for students to gain career advantages.

First, it is important to understand that the Six Sigma methodology can only be implemented by a practitioner instead of just working with it with the company itself. That does not even make sense if we think about it.

A great expert in it will allow you to reap the benefits of continuous growth, process improvement, waste reduction, and reduced costs. The person who is trained in Six Sigma will reap the greatest benefits and be an asset to any company or industry or for themselves as they learn how to work towards continuous improvement in every step and project.

Remember that, regardless of how well a student does in school and what high school they attend, many students do not get practical experience or real-life experience.

Our experience and opinion are that a great school should be able to think for its best interests. Every school, school board, and educational institution should have a Sigma program. This will allow students to have valuable tools that can enhance their education and give them an edge in the workplace.

It may seem daunting to find Lean 6 Sigma training for them as not many experts decide to take on this challenge. Instead, they just want to focus on assisting companies and professionals. However, we will assist you and welcome all students and individuals.

Based on your belt level and the program outline that you choose to follow, information will be provided. With the ones we offer, we review the basics to ensure full compliance. You can modify the details based on your projects and goals, and our team may add more skills and teachings.

What Will a Student Learn with Sigma?

All individuals need to start with a Yellow Belt and Certification to learn terminology, concepts, basics, and how to implement Sigma overall. However, this level is more about text work and studies than the practice itself.

Students and institutions will need to decide whether or not they want to obtain the advanced belt that follows the yellow one: a Green Belt.

The yellow and green belts, in this case, are the only ones they can access for two reasons:

  • More advanced belts require experience in working with industries and companies and with the methodology itself and its implementation. For the next best to the green one, a black belt, two years is the minimum for it.
  • It is essential to understand the process and learn valuable skills that will assist students in meeting their individual needs. Only the first two belts allow this as you learn everything about the methodology and how it works.

Because it covers the core of the methodology, some companies prefer to focus on the yellow belt. We recommend that students consider a green belt if they are looking to gain an edge or scale within a company later or need the additional skills for their own ideas and projects.

Many people don’t know that a green belt is only available after you have been certified and trained in a yellow belt. You must still follow the first one, and then you can expand your knowledge based on your goals and needs.

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Certifications Once LSS Training Is Done

If they have successfully completed the course or training, they should be eligible to become certified. What if they are not yet certified after being trained with other experts? To verify their eligibility and knowledge, we offer them the opportunity to take the exam that even our students need to pass for their certificates.

LSS certification allows you to work in companies, earn credits towards your graduation, and be a valuable asset in whatever career path you choose.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Atlanta can provide more options for high school students and ensure the certification is worth their time and investment.