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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Atlanta

For the past decade, Lean Six Sigma has been very popular in the United States as it is a methodology that not only originated in the country but also grew thanks to how experts and practitioners like us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Atlanta High School Students of Georgia learned to implement it in other industries and areas and helping individuals get the most out of it. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the LSS industry is growing daily.

Lean Six Sigma can help reduce or eliminate wasteful activities, which has proved to be a great way to achieve better company results.

Looking back at history, LSS is similar to the Kaizen method. This methodology emphasizes the most important tasks and eliminates redundant steps to achieve better results with fewer resources. LSS ensures customer satisfaction and high-quality manufacturing, just like Kaizen, as the latter influenced some of the principles and goals of the one we work with.

We have been utilizing this methodology for over a decade now, and we can tell you that Kaizen isn’t the only influence but rather the start of it. Also, we have to point out that LSS comes from two individual methodologies that were introduced in the American industry earlier: Lean & 6 Sigma.

LSS has proven to be a winning one for both the public and private sectors. Each organization should strive for continuous improvement in order to provide better quality, improve operational excellence, increase performance, and reach every goal. Thus, it is natural for them to work around Sigma practitioners and how they assist with the main goal.

Lean Six Sigma provides many tools for companies but helps individuals boost their skills, learn more about leadership and collaborative work, and ensure they are prepared with some more life experiences. 

As we learned this, we can finally focus on how the Lean Six Sigma industry started booming more than before, and, for it, let’s focus on the individual methodologies for a bit.

What Are Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies, You Ask?

In the 1940s, Lean was introduced to the manufacturing industry in order to reduce waste—identify it, to begin with—and focus on the customer. Lean principles are a way for businesses to increase performance, meet customer demands, and still improve their bottom line.

Six Sigma principles can be used to improve manufacturing through the DMAIC structure (Define Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), and it was introduced in the 80s, right before LSS.

Six Sigma and Lean have been popular methods to improve performance ever since they were first introduced in the USA’s automobile industry. 

Although they are deeply rooted in manufacturing, their principles and ideologies can be applied to any industry. They focus on identifying and solving problems, so practitioners can find the twist on how to utilize the methodology.

Businesses, universities, the public sector, and companies all want to be more efficient, reduce costs and provide the best services and products while spending less. This makes LSS more attractive and helps to expand the US industry.

Where Can You Find LSS in the USA?

We are confident that you will be able to identify other industries that have benefited from this method when getting trained or involved in it yourself. But to give you an idea, so you understand the industry and its magnitude, here are the common ones:

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  • Healthcare.

Lean methodologies and the installation of Lean culture can significantly improve service delivery.

Private clinics and hospitals can improve their processes and make sure that all resources are used to provide the best care for patients.

  • Legal and Financial Services.

Multiple systems can process requests for bank loans or insurance quotes before they are processed. Automating most of these processes allows you to reduce non-value-adding tasks and eliminate errors. This will increase customer satisfaction.

  • Education.

Although Six Sigma and education may seem at first glance incompatible, many of the activities involved in providing education can be replicated and improved using Six Sigma.

This methodology allows schools to run more efficiently and redirect more resources toward the classroom.

“How Do I Access Lean Six Sigma Training in Atlanta, GA?”

It’s easy to rely on companies like Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Atlanta, as we have been working with Sigma for over a decade. 

We make sure to offer and share our knowledge with all institutions, businesses, and individuals and ensure you can get certified once training is done.

We promise you will see the benefits in your professional and personal life.