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Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Atlanta

Students and business professionals should have equal opportunities to develop their careers and curriculums. Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Atlanta High School Students of Georgia’s mission is to provide them with all the training they need to be competitive in their field. Any person can take our Green Belt Training and Certification; this includes high school students or college students and any professional or individual trying to boost their chances for a better future.

Many schools aren’t sure how LSS can be useful or if it will provide students with great benefits. We can tell you from our own experience that they will be able to use it as one of the most powerful tools available. Here are some of the benefits that they will enjoy if you have to want to offer t to your students or if you want to take it yourself:

  • You can learn skills that are useful for any job position as LSS works around leadership, time management, continuous improvement, and more.
  • More job opportunities and options will open.
  • High schools applying to universities for admission consider Sigma to be an important part of their curriculums. It shows that they are organized and can contribute to the institution as more prepared individuals than their peers.
  • No matter their school phase, all students can practice and keep up with their peers as they don’t learn theory alone.

This training can be completed within 20 to 40 hours with our team, and you can then go on to work in many different job positions. 

You can become a green belt and then a project manager, allowing you to make improvements in your company’s processes or for whom you work. 

While this methodology can be applied to any workplace, students learn to work together and create a system that helps the industry they are in or boost the project they have in mind. We give them the opportunity to expand their practice and perspectives as well.

Businesses must continuously improve their processes and be able to reduce waste while still caring about customers, so rest assured you will be considered useful in any place you go.

Whom Is the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training for?

Anyone who has taken a yellow belt course or training with one of our experts can be trained to become a green belt. This is important because a yellow belt is required for anyone who wants to pursue a green belt as it sets the next ladder or level in the methodology.

Now, the fact of “being trained with us” is not mandatory; you can be certified by other experts and work with us for your Green Belt Certification.

With our team, it takes 10-20 days to complete training and get your certificate, and it can take more than 25 hours. 

This estimate is based on the green belt only and does not include the yellow belt time. We assume you have already gone over it; if not, you only need to go over the hours of our Yellow Belt Training, which are usually 15 to 20 hours.

During training, you will be given assignments and must follow the instructions. Students will need to pass an exam after completing training in order to receive their certifications as well.

What Will You Learn with Our Green Belt Training?

This level is more comprehensive than the yellow belt training and covers all areas of practice beyond data analysis. We will also show you how to incorporate Six Sigma into your project or business as we believe it is a matter of getting the most out of this methodology in both personal and professional matters.

Leadership Excellence-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Atlanta

Our outline will look as follows:

  • Introduction to Methodology: What is Lean? What is Six Sigma? What is Six Sigma? –very brief.
  • Learn how to identify customers using DMAIC, which was used from 6 Sigma. What are their expectations? What was their experience of the process?
  • Learn how to measure: Measure and analyze the measurement system to determine the size of the obstruction.
  • Analyze: Look at the process and data to find the root cause.
  • Concentrate on the areas you can improve. Find the root cause of the problem and take action.
  • Control: Measure and analyze the results, then implement the solution to improve your processes. How to change your organization to ensure that projects succeed.
  • Preparation for exams. This training will help you pass the exam. If necessary, we will schedule a coaching session.

If you’re interested in joining the adventure, contact us to find out how you can obtain your certification with us at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Atlanta.